Snapsterpiece Project – Learning Outcome

We started this project in the hope of getting to know more about SnapChat. We wanted to explore it’s potentiality in the world of social media since so many apps these days are being developed for that market but just as quickly being abandoned in favor of the next fad.  When we started fine tuning our research towards Snapsterpieces I knew that we had found an element of communication offered by Snap Chat which sets it apart from other apps.  I liked the combination of photographs, creative opportunities and the limit of a ten second viewing window.

Although there is not much existing research out there on Snapsterpieces it was possible to use twitter to gather an idea of how popular the term is. Finding the work of Mplatco and Shonduras has helped in realizing how popular the notion of Snapsterpieces could potentially become. These “Michelangelos of SnapChat” have an influence on 5000+ twitter followers. They are the celebs of the Snapsterpiece world – much like the well established notion of instagram and vine celebs. I added them both on SnapChat and got a glimpse into how they use their Snapsterpieces to entertain their many followers. Many of their snaps are visible in our snap collection on hitRecord.

It was also interesting to see how SnapChat could potentially be used as a marketing tool. With the use of Stories in SnapChat, a user can post a montage of pictures which will be viewable for 24hrs. Mplatco uses this feature to speak with his audience and let them know what his next project will be on. He also encourages collaboration between his followers, asking them to send him their own versions of, for example, “SnapBeard”,  “What makes me happy” or “Where in the world are you right now?”. In these cases, Mplatco’s followers will snap him a reply and he will add all of these replys to his story. In this way he is connecting all of his followers and keeping them involved with and, therefore, interested in his projects.

Through this means, it is possible for popular SnapChat members such as Mplatco and Shonduras to work on brand deals with major companies such as Dunkin’Doughnuts or the BBC. Mplatco came up with the idea of being a SnapChat reporter for The BBC. He said he would snap followers images from behind the scenes of the set of Dr. Who – which would make him The BBC’s “SnapChat director”. Unfortunately this was just an April Fools joke but it goes to show that the ideas are out there!

Encouraging our audience to become more creative in the way that they communicate may be valuable advice. If SnapChat becomes the marketing tool I think it has the potential to be, then there may just be a job up for grabs for anyone with a steady hand and a quick imagination!

In conclusion, I feel that SnapChat has some serious potential to outgrow other social messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Viber. This is because it provides its users with unique and useful communication tools. The ability to collaborate on projects with your contact list as demonstrated by MPlatco is something that no other app has tapped into. The idea of Snapsterpieces is one, i feel, which will grow more popular as the app establishes it’s full potential. Encouraging our users to get involved with Snapsterpieces was a great way of opening their minds to the possibilities of SnapChat as a tool for creative communication – something which I believe is about to become quite popular.

Snapsterpieces – Collaborative Graphic Novel and Video

We decided that the best way to put our snaps to use and to demonstrate the creative aspect of SnapChat would be to produce a collection of short graphic novels compiled by willing participants at home and at college. I printed out the snaps that have been accumulating on our hitRecord page and bought some mini post-its. We proceeded to invite our classmates to sit down and produce a story using the snaps we provided. They could then narrate their stories using the post-its as speech bubbles. After they were finished we took a picture of their finished story so that we could put it together later in Photoshop. Ashley took photos throughout this process in order to have some pictures to use in our video. Our video is going to be a photo montage explaining what Snapsterpieces are and encouraging our audience to be more creative when they communicate. I wrote the script for the video and Ashley used his equipment at home to record it. Altogether we plan to hand up a collection of 10 different stories as well as a video.

2014-04-06 14.30.58

Snapsterpieces: Our latest idea

We’ve now collected almost 60 Snapsterpieces altogether and I’m fairly happy with that amount. In our most recent meeting, Pauric, Ashley and I spoke about what it is we are actually going to do with them all. The initial idea was to compile them into a viral video and post it to YouTube to promote the idea of Snapsterpieces. This is still an option for us but I wanted to explore other ideas.

What are snaps really used for? Telling a quick story about your day. An expression of your personality. Making your friends laugh. So I started to think about ways in which we could capture the essence of the process between sender and receiver. The sender wants to say something – or show something. The receiver opens it and perceives it. Does the recipient perceive the snap in the way the sender intended? Are they amused? Are they informed? Did they enjoy it?

We came up with an idea which puts our Snapsterpiece collection to use – letting it do all the work! We want to compile all of our snaps and present them to some friends and family, perhaps some passers-by at college will like to partake too! We want to provide them with a blank comic strip template. Ultimately we would like our volunteers to come up with their own stories using a compilation of the snaps provided. We will encourage them to fill in our template with their own story – told using the snaps from our collection, and some blank speech bubbles. This will hopefully capture the idea that all art is perceived in different ways by different people. Ultimately we want to inspire people to join in on the trend by demonstrating the creative potential of Snapchat. Snapchat is fast becoming the business world’s favorite new marketing tool not to mention it’s snowballing popularity in the realm of social media.

After all of this, we hope to have a small collection of comic strips, each one different from the last – which provide proof that Snapsterpieces are indeed artistic pieces of dynamic communication. In the end, our finished artifact will be truly considered a collaborative piece.


Thanks @Shonduras and @Mplatco for all of your donations! View them all here:


Snapsterpiece update: Appealing to donators

Snapsterpiece update: Appealing to donators

I came across another fantastic snapsterpiece artist on twitter. His name is @Shonduras. I added him on snapchat and imediately I started receiving his elaborate snaps. I decided to get in contact with him because I loved his work and I knew his snaps would be perfect for our project because they provide a fabulous example of how intricate you can make your snapsterpieces. I decided to snap him this message that I laid out using Photoshop. I figured that if my approach was unique then I would get his attention. I also tweeted him (click the image to see the conversation).
His reply was immediate and thankfully he was kind enough to allow me to use his work in our project. I look forward to sharing his talented snaps with our audience.

Remix/Collaborative Project: Snapsterpieces – Update #3

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve distributed the poster around the college and so far we’ve received as little as ten snapsterpieces to our designated SnapChat account hitRECm3. So far on our HitRecord collaboration we have approximately 30 snapsterpieces collected. This is plenty to create a video from but I would have liked even more variety than that. A lot of the snaps have been donated by myself or my friends so I’m hoping that, with some more promotion in the coming days on Pinterest and perhaps reddit, we will receive some more donations from outsiders. I still think that the idea is great – I just feel like we haven’t advertised our appeal enough.


Remix/Collaborative Project: Snapsterpieces – Update #2


We decided to design a poster to encourage students around the college to donate Snapsterpieces to our hitRECord collaboration. We created a snapchat account for students to send their snaps to and we plan to collect them from there and add them to our collaboration. We printed these out and stuck them up around the Carrolls Building. We are also planning on distributing them around the other buildings at DKIT.

Remix/Collaborative Project: Snapsterpieces – First update

It’s been a week since I’ve launched our hitRECord collaboration using the site. Find it here: Snapsterpieces – Lets spread the fun!

In order to gather interest we’ve used  a number of social media techniques. First I tweeted multiple SnapChat and Snapsterpiece oriented twitter accounts to raise awareness among fans of the app. Next, we set up an open Facebook page and appealed to the public for donations. Lastly I posted up some of my own Snapsterpieces to my personal Facebook page with explanations attached, appealing for others to do the same. All methods generated only a small amount of response. Our tweets turned out to be most effective. I came into contact with a lovely guy from Boston called Michael Platco whom you can find here: @MichaelPlatco. His Snapsterpieces are phenomenal – I think they are both very creative and absolutely hilarious. View some of his work here: -you wont be disappointed I assure you!

Michael showed some interest in our collaboration idea and he was kind enough to agree to donate some of his snaps to our cause. His involvement in our project is key to us gathering more followers as he has quite a large twitter following due to his work. We are very happy to have him on board and we hope to do his Snaps some justice with our viral video.

We are still searching for other contributions. We need to find more ways of spreading our idea so that people will be intrigued and feel happy to donate their snaps to us. One option that we’re exploring at the moment is the idea of creating fun, colourful posters appealing for Snapsterpiece donations and sticking them up around the college. I could set up a SnapChat account especially for the cause and collect donations through screenshots. This may attract the interest of the majority of students who are not savvy with Twitter and WordPress.

My hitRECord – Snapsterpieces: an element of contemproary internet culture

2014-01-20 21.59.15

We’ve been asked to collaborate using Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s website on a multimedia artifact based upon an element of contemporary internet culture. Considering the week that it was, an obvious move would be toward the relatively new Social Media “craze” that has swept through the country over the past fortnight known, infamously at this point, as #NeckNominate. I won’t delve into the details of the trend because I think that, by now, it has been thoroughly exhausted by all forms of the media. Indeed it is tragic that two young people have been killed in Ireland trying to conform to the outrageous trend and this is surely a signal that Social Networking combined with Peer Pressure can be a deadly accelerator for vulnerable and easily inclined humans’ irrationalities when it comes to the need to fit in. I feel, however, that this “trend” has run it’s course. I believe it was a flash in the pan – and just 3 days after the weekend during which the two deaths occurred, the topic is now virtually non-existent on my Facebook news feed. I think that by the coming weekend, tragic #NeckNominate will be nothing but a cold reminder of just how much momentum Social Media can add to a new trend – that it can be born and die again within one week. But I digress.

My choice of topic for this collaboration has stemmed from my personal affection for creativity. I have, only recently, joined the Smart Phone trend that is Snap Chat. I’ve found myself more interested in the feature of the app that allows the user to utilize a basic colour palette and their finger on the touch screen as a paint brush to add creative essence and humor to their snaps. These small and simple, creative pieces of communication are known within the Snap Chat community as Snapsterpieces. Snapsterpieces have managed to find their own niche within social media among people like me who like to create. Snap Chat provides a great means of sharing your doodles among your friends in a bid to make them laugh or smile – and it’s easy too! A mess-free, back-to-basics tool kit and a diverse, photographic canvas on which to paint? Of course I’ll spend my 50 minute commute to college fiddling with it. And I’m not the only one:

My idea is to first collect as many Snapsterpieces from the public as possible. I will be appealing for people to donate their Snapsterpieces and they will hopefully feel encouraged to join in on the collaboration. After that I hope that we will have a means for creating an artefact based on the notion of quick art as a means of communication and how this might effect future communication trends. If anything, I might just find an answer for why I spend 20 minutes working on something that my peers will only get to view for a maximum of 10 seconds – if they’re even interested in looking for that long.

The first step I’ve taken to get this project off the ground is releasing my own record on hitRECord. Initially I am appealing for donations of Snapsterpieces of all sorts. I started this record 4 days ago and so far I’ve had zero responses so I need to amp up my appeal. I will now begin tweeting about my appeal daily using the hashtags #SnapChat, #Snapaterpiece and #hitRECord. I will share the link among my Facebook friends and I will appeal to my class mates to join me on my mission.  I will also contribute to existing records to get my name out there as an active member – maybe then people will be more inclined to help me in return.

Hopefully by the time my next post on this topic is up, I will be joined by 2 equally as inspired class mates who are willing to join in on the fun.